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Met office issues statement on halo phenomenon.

Rosemary Forde

April 17, 2024 11:29 AM ET

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The Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) has issued a statement regarding the halo phenomenon witnessed by Barbadians across the island today, Wednesday, April 17..

The statement read:

“Today, Wednesday, 17 April 2024, Barbadians notice a halo around the sun. The halo looked like a colored ring or rainbow around the sun. A halo is a ring or light that forms around the sun or moon as the sun or moon refracts off ice crystals present in a thin layer of cirrus clouds.The halo is usually seen as a bright, white ring although sometimes it can have colors like the one visible today.”

BMS further assured the public that a halo is merely an optical phenomenon, therefore, there is no cause for alarm.

“A halo is an optical phenomenon in the atmosphere and there is no cause for alarm.”

The statement was issued by Barbados Meteorological Services Senior Meteorologist, Semelka Jackman.

SOURCE: Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS).

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