The Pink Pen Project aims to empower emerging female artists Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

The National Cultural Foundation (NCF) has rolled out The Pink Pen Project, geared at facilitating the development of female artists on the island.

The special project which coincides with the 50th anniversary Of Crop Over, will be spearheaded by Queen Of Soca Alison Hinds and well-known song writer Shana Hinds, also known as Pull De Trigga.

Speaking during the media launch for the season of emancipation and Crop Over 2024, held last Friday, April 12, soca superstar Alison Hinds, expressed her belief that the island had what it took to produce top-tier talent.

“From my point of view as the Queen of Soca, I have been in this business, releasing my first hit with Square One, which would have been Ragamuffin, in 1996. This is 2024. I’m still out there, still relevant, still touring, still headlining but when it comes to females and soca and Barbados, it’s just me. For me, I want to help to develop the female artists coming out of Barbados, in particular. I want ‘lil company man. I want somebody that is young and vibrant and exciting and we have it,” Hinds insisted.

During her brief remarks, the Queen of Soca pledged her assistance in empowering and equipping her female counterparts in the competitive entertainment industry.

“Our female artists just need the material. They need the encouragement. They need whatever support can be given and through this project. Along with myself and the NCF, I will do my very best to make sure that these young ladies are going to be successful. It doesn’t mean it will happen this year, but we have the chance.”

She insisted that that there was no ill-intent towards the males within the industry, however, she wanted to put the focus on the females, since it was harder for them to achieve success in the industry.

“In this particular instance I want to put the focus on female artists because we need them to be out there, to rise up, because they have the talent. They have the ability…they just need that extra ‘oomph’. We as a society need to make sure that when those young ladies come out, that we give them the support that they deserve. All of our artists deserve support, no matter what, but for me as a woman in this business, I know what it is like. It is different…We have to work harder; we are held to a higher standard. So, I take it as a personal vision, to be able to support these female artists and give them that encouragement.”

Shana Hinds of Pull De Trigga Records assisted seven female artistes under the Pink Pen Project

Co-collaborator Shana, echoed Hinds’ sentiments, stating that female artists in the industry are expected to work “ten times harder”.

Under the project, seven female artists were selected to produce a soca song for the festival, co-written by Shana. 

The artists are currently in the process of recording their self-penned tracks for the production. 

These artists include Reniece Bonnett, Shanta Prince, Yahandje Daniel, Miracle Rice, Shontae Alleyne-Clarke, Summa Davis and Kareesa Chase. They received coaching in the areas of songwriting, the music business and branding.  

Shana expressed her pleasure in facilitating the project, which she believed creates a safe space for artists to grow together. 

“I am beaming with pride at the progress of all the participants that they have made from never finishing or never writing a song at all to effectively structuring full songs and sharing their true authentic messages. We have laughed and cried together and created a safe space where we are all growing. Above all else, I hope that they have learned the power of understanding your craft and how that can help you to soar higher. Even if they don’t go on to write all of their songs or even any, I want them to leave with a more developed ear for the sound that they want to achieve and the confidence to ask for it.”

She thanked mentor Alison Hinds for her “kind words, hard pills to swallow and loving encouragement”, as well as the Business Development team at NCF for their guidance and assistance. 

Credit was also extended to Adaeze and Kimberley Inniss for producing the beats for the project.