Strife-making tactics around Lester Vaughan issue? Chief confused Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

As the Lester Vaughan School saga continues the Chief Education Officer believes there is no reason for malicious attempts to undermine the plans and efforts being taken to safely get the school, students and staff back on track despite the disruptions.

We simply ask our partners in education, namely the BUT and the PTA, to honour the process

Intent on ensuring that the over 900 students remain safe first and foremost, today, Tuesday, April 2, 2024, with students not returning to the Cane Garden, St Thomas plant, the Chief Education Officer Dr Ramona Archer-Bradshaw reiterates no steps towards face-to-face classes will be taken without the buy-in of parents and guardians.

“We need the support of the parents, teachers and the PTA [Parent-Teacher Association] as well as the Unions as we navigate the safe return to in-person classes and as such maintain open and regular communication with all involved,” she said in a recorded statement shared with the media. 

Therefore she is calling on the PTA and unions to not seek to sow seeds of discontent or mistrust at this time when children’s futures are at stake.

She shared, “It is therefore, with some confusion, that the BUT [Barbados Union of Teachers] and PTA continue to present as if communication to this effect has not taken place, especially when we all share the same position on the matter. 

“We reiterate that we cannot issue a return to in-person classes until the process of communication has been completed. We simply ask our partners in education, namely the BUT and the PTA, to honour the process and not allow impatience to feed the anxiety of those affected by the disruption.”

The last meeting with a small segment of the parents of students happened on March 28, 2024. Students of the School have been taking online classes since the ending of February 2024, while air quality and environment quality testing was being conducted at the plant.