Labour Law: Employers must apply for licences to open on Closed Days Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Employers need to apply for a licence to operate on closed days. That is the law of Barbados.

But some companies are exempted.

In this Labour Law article, Loop will educate employers ahead of the next two Closed Days in the calendar year – November 30 and December 25.

Under the provisions of the Shops Act, 2015 Independence Day, Christmas Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are the four closed days stipulated by the Act.

How can a business operate on a closed day?

Section 4 of the Shops Act permits the occupier of a shop to apply to the Chief Labour Officer for the grant of a licence to operate on a closed day.

Who can operate on closed days without a licence?

Shops in which only members of the occupier’s family are employed and those listed in the First Schedule of the Act, are exempt from the requirement to apply for a licence to operate on a closed day.

Persons may download the First Schedule by clicking here.

When must employers apply for the licence?

This year, applications with respect to a licence to operate on Independence Day are to be submitted no later than November 23, 2023 and with respect to Christmas Day, no later than December 8, 2023.

Where do employers get the forms to apply for the licence?

Applications can be done online. Click here to complete and submit their application.

For further information, persons may contact the Labour Department at one of the following numbers: 535-1528, 535-1503, 832-0534, 832-0535, 832-0536, 832-0538, 832-0477 and 832-0478 or by emailing [email protected]