US VP Special Advisor plan: From ‘great visit’ in Guyana to Barbados Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Guyana is valued as a partner to the United States.

Reassuring the country of this most recently, during an official visit was Vice President Harris’s Special Advisor for the Western Hemisphere Joseph Salazar along with other members of the delegation.

The United States will be a strong partner in Guyana’s bright economic future

According to the US Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana, “VP Special Advisor Joseph Salazar and WHA Deputy Director – Caribbean Affairs Michael Taylor met with His Excellency President Dr Irfaan Ali and Vice President Dr. Jagdeo to discuss strategies to promote a sustainable energy future through PACC 2030.

“Guyana is a strategic partner as the US looks to further our security cooperation and promote a sustainable energy future through PACC 2030. Thank you to VP Special Advisor Salazar and WHA Deputy Director for Caribbean Michael Taylor for a great visit.”

On his social, the US Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Jason Smith shared:

“Our bipartisan Ways and Means delegation sat down with Guyanese President Ali, Vice President Dr Jagdeo, and cabinet officials to find areas of cooperation to expand our trade and bilateral relationship for the benefit of both nations.

“Thank you to Ambassador Lynch for welcoming us to Guyana! The United States will be a strong partner in Guyana’s bright economic future, which has the potential to lift its people out of poverty and help strengthen American energy supply chains.”

US Ambassador to the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch tweeted, “Wonderful to have OVP here to learn of Guyana’s priorities at this important time in their history.”

Then from March 16 to March 18, Salazar was in Barbados to discuss the United States’ commitment to addressing the global climate crisis following the launch by Vice President Harris of the US-Caribbean Partnership to Address the Climate Crisis 2030 (PACC 2030).

In June 2022, Vice President Harris launched PACC 2023, which is a comprehensive, adaptive, and goal-oriented approach to support our Caribbean neighbors in addressing energy security and climate adaptation and resilience with the urgency these challenges demand.