Upset, Walcott returns to HMP Dodds instead of leaving on bail Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Theft-accused Ralph Walcott will spend another 28 days behind bars.

With no fixed place of abode, the unemployed 52-year-old qualified for bail, but was unable to walk out of the Oistins Magistrate’s Court today, August 4, 2022, without handcuffs, because he had no surety and no proof of address.

Magistrate Deidre McKenna took the time to explain the situation to the disheartened and frustrated Walcott in the dock.

Standing alone, Walcott who is unrepresented, said that he had permission to stay at someone’s home if released on bail, but the person was not in court today to confirm and support his claim.

Magistrate McKenna remanded Walcott to September 1, 2022, and urged him to make the necessary calls to ensure that his surety and the homeowner will turn up at court on the same day. She stressed that the court was not denying his bail application, but could not in good faith release him back into society with no way of contacting him or finding him if he decided to abscond. Walcott was not pleased. Disappointed, patting his pockets, he said that he has no numbers with him and knows no numbers except for his dad’s. But he was assured by the magistrate that he can make any and all the calls necessary to make sure that in four weeks he has the surety and proof of address at court.

The accused was escorted out of the courtroom grumbling loudly.

Walcott is accused that at the Parish of Christ Church within the Jurisdiction of the Magistrate of District B Oistins on the 26th day of July 2022, he stole one pair of airpods valued $500, one wallet valued $300, one handbag worth $40 and $100 in cash. The items belonged to Brigitte Beauvoir and were valued $940 in total.

Walcott pleaded not guilty to the charge.