Three accidents in D’Arcy Scott roundabout in 5 hours Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

The Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA) is appealing for drivers to improve their use of the island’s roundabouts after three minor accidents happened in the D’Arcy Scott roundabout in a matter of hours today, Tuesday, October 31.

The first of the three collisions happened around 11:30am and left observers puzzled as to how it happened. One vehicle appeared to enter the roundabout from the ABC Highway and turn right instead of left as is the rule when driving on Barbados’ roads.

Then less than fours later, after 3pm, there were two more accidents in the said roundabout in Warrens. One accident was by the ABC Highway exit into the roundabout and the other was on the western side between the exit to and from the Gordon Cummins Highway. 

Insurance company reps were on the scene at 3:30pm taking photos for documentation and claims. There were no physical injuries reported as far as Loop understands.

Also in Warrens after 3pm, to the North of the D’Arcy Scott roundabout, by the mini-roundabout along Highway 2A, there was another two car collision off the roundabout by the exit to Warrens Industrial Park W Drive.

President of the BRSA Roland Lowe this evening told Loop News, “Drivers need to understand – stay in the lane you start in and indicate if you are going to switch.” 

Not just at the D’Arcy Scott roundabout, “but at all roundabouts”, he also reminded, “The roundabout is a ‘give way’ situation yes, but think, ‘I may have to stop’. That is how you have to approach it, especially now.”