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Sandra Cumberbatch Walks for The Cure, remembers her brother Davidson Cumberbatch

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Sandra Cumberbatch remembers her brother as she walks for the cure

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Sandra Cumberbatch was one of the thousands who trekked from the Everton Weekes Roundabout to the National Botanical Gardens for the 2022 CIBC Walk for the Cure.

Out of the sea of pink, there were numerous cancer survivors, family and friends of cancer patients, and Sandra was one with a story to share.

Hers was about her brother – Davidson Cumberbatch – who passed away in 2021.

Spiritedly walking down the stretch joined by her family, Sandra caught attention with her pink t-shirt which boasted her brother’s image.

Speaking to Loop News, Sandra said she was an avid supporter of the Barbados Cancer Society’s Breast Screening Programme and Walk for the Cure but it hit closer to home with the passing of her brother.

“It really hit us. He had cancer and I used to always support [the walk] anyway,” she shared.

His passing held her to re-evaluate herself, be healthier and get tested.

Sandra’s advice to family of cancer patients is to learn to let go when their loved ones are experiencing inexplainable pain.

“We can’t say what they are going through but it really hurts. And I know how family feels when they lose someone from it. It is a really hard thing but we have to live it,” she said.

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