Sir Henry hopes his friend Dr Dorothy Cooke-Johnson’s legacy lives on Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Dr Dorothy Cooke-Johnson will be missed.

Having passed away over the weekend, on Sunday, August 14, Prof Sir Henry Fraser told loop News this week that he could have called Dr Cooke-Johnson “friend”.

He said:

“She has done yeoman service. She’s been passionate about cancer because it may not be generally known, but her husband had died of cancer and she took it on. She has a scientific background, Dr Cooke-Johnson, which although not a medic, made her someone with an understanding of medical things… Dorothy had a very sound scientific basis to what she did and she had a passionate, personal, humanitarian approach to what she did.”

Calling her “one of the most dedicated people” he has ever known as the two worked to improve healthcare in Barbados, he added:

“I think she will have left a huge legacy for cancer care, cancer support, cancer diagnosis and everything else related to cancer and I hope that the team that she would have worked with will be able to carry on that process and that wonderful job.”