Senior cop warn youngsters about the dangerous of Lotto Scamming Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

A senior police officer has issued a call for youth to avoid posting negative information on the Internet and to stay away from lottery scamming, as these activities could lead to their demise.

According to Deputy Superintendent of Police, Stacey-Ann Powell, the various anti-crime units are on the heels of lottery scammers, who, as a result, are in hiding and unable to benefit from the illegal spoils.

Delivering the keynote address at the recent graduation ceremony for Jonathan Grant High School in Spanish Town, St Catherine, Powell said young people should choose education and not allow criminals to entice them into illegal activities.

She said some people believe that being a don and getting involved in drug-running and other such activities will bring fame and riches but warned that it could also lead to the downfall of such persons and their loved ones.

“They are either in prison, dead, or hiding from the police. No matter how rich they are, they have to spend time hiding from the police, hiding assets, and not being able to live comfortably with their quick riches,” she told the audience.

The senior police officer is cautioning youth that what they upload and communicate cannot be deleted, “so you need to protect yourself”, as their negative presence on social media can cause them to lose out on employment opportunities, “as companies are protecting their brands”.

Powell, who is a past student of the school, underscored that while the certificates given to the students were clear proof that they learned well enough to go on to other levels in life, “your reputation will take you places, or prevent you from going places”.

She said the teachers’ selfless efforts and extraordinary contributions have helped the students to find their purpose and urged the graduates not to accept the world in the same way it is, as they now have the opportunity to make meaningful changes.

The ceremony was held under the theme ‘Reigniting Our Commitment to Excellence.