Protesters in Barbados chant “Palestine will be free” Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Loud chants of “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” could be heard in Barbados outside the British High Commission and through the Capital to Independence Square. 

On Saturday, over 100 persons walked with placards, wrist bands and flags as they chanted “No Justice No Peace” in support of Palestinians enduring loss, injury and hardships since the war with Israel ensued.

Treasurer for Caribbean Against Apartheid in Palestine Suleiman Bulbulia told Loop News today, November 19, 2023, “We are very happy with the turnout. It exceeded our expectations and so we are grateful to all those who came out in support.”

Asked what the atmosphere is like at present across the local Muslim community, he confessed:

“The atmosphere in the community is extreme concern, sadness, and pain. While world public opinion is against Israeli actions on the Palestinian people, Governments in the powerful countries of the western world continue to support Israeli actions and the Israel government. This situation is of grave concern for our community.”

Bulbulia said that the group is not aware of any Barbadians in Palestine at present but that does not decrease their level of worry.

“I am not aware of any Barbadians in Palestine. However, I know Palestinians in Barbados that have relatives there and are very concerned about them,” he shared.

Following the protest, Bulbulia said, “We are hoping for a greater awareness on the horrors taking place in Palestine and greater support for our calls for Barbados to a) recognize the Palestinian state. Barbados is among only four countries in CARICOM that hasn’t recognized Palestine, and b) to suspend ties with Israel as they continue to inflict severe punishment on the people of Palestine.

The protesters had the support of Cultural Ambassador Dr the Most Honourable Anthony ‘Gabby’ Carter. Bulbulia said, “We are absolutely grateful for his support. He has always supported the Palestinian cause. His presence was important for us.” Amongst the group was also Activist David Denny.