Police investigating suspicious package at LESC Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

[Update: March 16, 4:30 am]

Police report that the suspicious package found at Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre was not an explosive device.

The package was checked by authorities and taken into police custody for further investigation.

[Original published: Wednesday, March 15 at 5:15 pm]

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a suspicious package that was found at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre (LESC) at Two Mile Hill, St Michael.

Public relations, acting inspector Rodney Inniss reports that a command centre has been set up in the vicinity of Imart building, which is some distance away.

All vehicular and pedestrian traffic has been diverted from the JTC Ramsay (Bussa) Roundabout and the Howell Road junction with Two Mile Hill Road.

This diversion will cause considerable disruption to traffic.

Motorists and road users are advised to avoid the area if possible and comply with the directions of police on the ground.