More youngsters to up their reading skills with Sagicor’s tech support Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

A programme created and developed to assist young men to get on the path towards overcoming their challenges with reading, recently received a ‘shot in the arm’ thanks to a generous donation by Sagicor.

The leading financial solutions provider donated 12 desktop computers to Babb’s Reading Clinic for use with helping young men to tackle their reading or literacy challenges carefully and patiently, with the aim of getting them to a level where they are confident and competent in reading and comprehension.

In thanking Sagicor for the donation, Pastor Dayle Haynes, the clinic’s Director of Community Services, explained that the clinic is free for boys who are challenged by their limited ability to read at their expected grade level. “The aim is to capture these boys while transitioning from primary to secondary school, to avoid them slipping through the cracks and becoming vulnerable in a society that is harsh on these young men,” he said.

Haynes went on to state that it has been “discovered that those enrolled in the programme have seen improved results in comparison to their normal classroom setting, due to the special attention being paid to them. The success of the programme has therefore made it more appealing to many other young men; however, resource constraints have made it hard for us to accommodate them. A donation such as this one allows us to open our doors to many more of these boys, who are eager to improve their reading abilities.”

Paul Inniss, Executive Vice President and General Manager with Sagicor Life Inc, said this is the latest in a series of technological donations made by the company’s Information Technology (IT) Division, to assist with bettering the lives of those in the community.

“We know and understand that technology is the modern gateway to learning and it is through facilitating learning that we can help to improve the lives of those in the communities in which we operate. I wish to commend the IT team for yet again providing and also preparing these systems to assist with the Clinic’s programmes.”

In September, the company donated similar systems to the rehabilitation programmes at Verdun and Marina Houses, to assist with the successful rehabilitation and reintegration into society of individuals struggling with mental health and addiction challenges, through structured programmes aimed at developing life skills and providing the tools necessary to earn a living and navigate real life challenges.

Since 2020, Sagicor and its Tech Support team have made several other similar donations, with recipients including the Optimist Club, the Unborn Justice organisation and the St Leonard’s Boys School Music Lab.