Mom who is a Senior Olympian sets off on new journey on Mother’s Day | Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

She had her son in her mid-40s and she has her eyes set on winning gold for Barbados at her first Senior Olympics this week.

Marcelline Christie is not new to defying the odds.

Trained by Amanda Maximilien, Christie is not only physically strong but mentally and emotionally strong as well. Unlike many, she is one athlete who came out of the pandemic even stronger and more determined.

Loop Sport caught up with the 58-year-old mom of an 11-year-old as she was gearing up to head off to Fort Lauderdale and represent Barbados in the 5K. This is the first time Barbados will have a competitor in this event and Christie is quietly confident of her ability to medal in her upcoming race.

Chatting about how she got into distancing running, she said that it was something she did as a child at school and then she fell off. But Maximilien whose name is well-known in Barbados for Track and Field attends Christie’s church and that got her back on the road and track with a venegence.

Asked what she would say to young mothers, young women and her teenage self now if she had that chance, she said, “Keep moving”. She called on other mothers and women to take self-care seriously because it is “important”. She said exercise and couple that with nutrition especially for themselves and their children so they can all have a healthy and long future together.

The team of 13 along with their Head coach departed the island to head to the Games in Florida on Mother’s Day.