Liquid Gold Feast: A treat for all the senses Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

An unmatched night of elegance and extravagance.

Fittingly branded “Liquid Gold Feast”, the ultimate event of the 2022 Barbados Food and Rum Festival culminated at the grounds of Ilaro Court last Sunday evening with patrons decked out in their lavish attire to take it all in. The extravaganza afforded attendees a luxurious dining and entertainment experience during the five-hour event.

Greeted with warm smiles from hostesses and gifted sparkling golden chalices upon entry, the spectacularly tented and transformed grounds of Ilaro Court housed a mouth-watering spread of delectable bites and liquid treats.

Featured chefs on the night included Dannielle Gibson, Andres Antoine, Javon Cummins, Rhea Gilkes, Creig Greenidge, Shamar Griffith and Damian Leach, among others. Their offerings incorporated things Barbadiana like breadfruit, saltfish, black belly lamb, seacat, cou cou and the well-loved macaroni pie but with added twists which made for an unforgettable dining experience. With dishes such as corn and mango salsa stew peas and breadfruit scotch bonnet cornbread, the festival delivered on offering a night of unique Bajan cuisine.

However, the mixologists were not to be outdone as they too served never-ending rum cocktails and special brews. Shane McClean, Ryan Adamson, Philip Antoine, Alex Chandler and others, were among the experts who kept the fountain of liquid delights flowing throughout the night. They too demonstrated their creativity not only in the marriage of ingredients to create smooth brews but attached culturally appropriate names to their concoctions like Mauby Poppit, De Bajan Turnover and Doan Mammaguy Me, to name a few.

To top the night off, patrons were serenaded by some of the island’s top entertainers all throughout the event, with genre-diverse sets to match every taste. Mahalia and 2 Mile Hill, Wesu Wallace, Ch’An, Krisirie, Alix Cage and Biggie Irie, and others, were all spectacular in their own right and all well-received. Patrons danced, swayed and sang along with them, soaking up the positive vibes that emanated from the stage and throughout the lavishly decorated tent. Penultimate performer Red Plastic Bag kept the boat rocking before smooth-singing Edwin brought the curtain down on the live entertainment segment of the event just after 12 am.

As attendees left the event, sentiments of praise for the organisers were overheard and it was evident that the Barbados Food and Rum Festival delivered a spread of the very best in cuisine, liqueurs and entertainment by the end of the night. A golden feast was exactly what was promised and they did not drop the ball.