History in the making! Bajan swimming English Channel for 2 charities Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Barbados’ Mark Farmer is swimming the English Channel and writing his name on history’s page once more for the sake of two charities – Variety – The Children’s Charity and the Ubunye Challenge in South Africa.

According to the website where donations could be made, it says that Farmer has only swum in warm, tropical waters his whole life. Therefore, this time he is truly out of his regular depths and comfort zone. He is attempting the Herculean task of swimming in the frigid waters of the English Channel, from England to France, considered the Mount Everest of open water swimming.

Farmer is doing this historic swim to raise funds for The Ubunye Challenge to replace the existing pit latrine toilet facilities at the Sophuele Childhood Development centre in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The new facilities will consist of new environmentally friendly and sustainable ECO-Dry toilets.

While at home, funds will also be donated to Variety, which assists numerous children in Barbados with a myriad of needs from assistance with school and day-to-day living essentials to medical treatments and more.

On the website – https://ubunye.web.app/ – donations of $20, $75 or $150 can be made.

At 6pm, September 21, according to the tracking map, Farmer has almost completed the humongous feat as well.

Good luck!