Funnel cloud spotted over St Michael Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

The Barbados Meteorological Service (BMS) is urging residents in the northwest and centre of the island to be vigilant due to the formation of funnel cloud activity. 

Director of the BMS, Sabu Best, reported funnel cloud activity was confirmed near northern St Michael and some parts of St James this morning [Saturday, March 30]. 

“I want the public to be very vigilant at this point in time, especially the residents in the St Michael, St James, St Thomas, and St George areas, as funnel cloud activity is very possible throughout the day.” Best cautioned. 

He stressed that the funnel cloud had not touched the ground. 

“This is not a confirmation that there will be tornado activity. It is only confirmation that there is funnel cloud activity, and we want the public to be very vigilant throughout this afternoon,” the BMS director reiterated.