Dr Anthony Gabby Carter demonstrates his pen is still ‘Mighty’ at 75 Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Multi-crowned calypsonian king, cultural ambassador Dr Anthony ‘Mighty Gabby’ Carter may be 75 years old now, but his pen and lyrical prowess is nothing near cold nor old.

In this day of social media, affectionately known as Gabberts, the Mighty Gabby shows the world he has a mind that is still sharp as a tac and he demonstrates this very often these days.

Last month, the musician and family man had cause to put his pen to the test out of grief. In writing his feelings about his grandson’s murder in New York, the words of another Anthony came to mind. Anthony T. Hincks wrote “My pen is crying tears of words.”

However, a few weeks later, the master wordsmith was once more doing what he does best, because, let’s face it, over the decades Gabby continuously brings Ehsan Sehgal’s words to life – “What you can win with a pen; you cannot win that with a weapon because love and peace hold a pen; hatred and violence take a gun.”

So as he celebrated his Diamond anniversary, he gifted the world ’75 NOT OUT!’

In his birthday post, the Mighty Gabby wrote of starts, ends, struggle, pain, overcoming, triumph and growth. He wrote his journey full of glee and a supportive society.

Today, I’ve reached a milestone

I will tell you about

My Earthdays

Have now batted on

To Seventy Five Not Out!

Of this, I take no credit

For it is Folks like You

Who Nurtured Me

Took Care Of Me

Advised and saw me through

Let’s start at the beginning

A very good place to start

Rosalie met John

Was it at dawn?

For Matters Of The Heart!

God then made his appearance

Pregnant was Rosalie

God turned a seed

Into a male

Nine months later came me

John hung around for four more years

Gave her another child

This St. Lucian Seaman

Left my mum without a smile

Never again, the two were to meet

My friends, it’s been a while

But my mum was resilient

A fighter through and through

You see my siblings’ father before

Did the same thing, too

Impregnated, then disappeared

Never to be seen again

Those two traumatic experiences

Would have driven

Many women insane

But not my mother, Rosalie

She worked like a Trojan Horse

Her family friends

And work mates

Simply labeled her ‘THE BOSS’ !

She became a sea side chef

Prepared many a dish

Bought fish from the fishermen

Then sell them back their own fish!

Prepared by each day

To the level of gourmet

This woman who happened to be my mother

Was blessed with skills

That would give you thrills

I will praise her forever

For she then studied Nursing

Geriatric and Maternity, too!

Bought two machines

Was sewing in her genes?

And became a seamstress, too

As if that wasn’t good enough

On Saturdays at our house

She stood dey infront she tray

Selling Black Puddin and Souse

Next morning very early

She’ll get in Herman van

Was known as the Black Indian

Selling house items

Throughout this land

Her children were raised with an iron fist

All much more talented than me

I happened to have a throat that could sing

And became the Mighty Gabby

On this my 75th birthday

I must let you know

I am the only child of Rosalie Carter

Who Definitely Cannot Sew

I thank you, my fans and family

For supporting me all these years

My friends

This Seventy Fifth Birthday

Have brought me joy

No tears!

Written March 30th, 2023.

From 6:25 am to 7:13 am.

By Chief Omowale aka