Digicel Business secure mobile plans not compromising employee privacy Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Digicel Business has launched Lookout Mobile Security.

Digicel Business will now be offering Lookout Mobile Security with all of its mobile plans at no extra charge.

What is Lookout Mobile Security?

It is a new detection and prevention service to protect businesses and their employees from application, network and device attacks via mobile devices while maintaining 100 per cent privacy on any network, mobile or Wi-Fi.

With Lookout, Digicel Business customers will benefit from real-time visibility, via a dashboard, into incidents

Why is this move an important step in the right direction for businesses in Barbados?

Shocking statistics show why maintaining robust levels of security is essential for all businesses. According to Fortinet, the global leader in unified threat management solutions, there were 144 million cyber attack attempts in 2022, with 70 per cent of all attacks coming through mobile devices. The study also showed that 95 per cent of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error with 60 per cent of people reusing old passwords thereby making themselves more vulnerable to an attack.

How does Lookout Mobile Security work?

Lookout Mobile Security protects businesses from the following threats:

Application threats – alert users to malicious apps seeking to steal sensitive business or personal data; and to insecure apps that breach company policies or compliance requirements.Network threats – send an alert to users if they are about to join an unencrypted network.Device threats – alert users to operating system vulnerabilities, such as out-of-date software or the lack of password protection.Web and Content (phishing) – VPN and alerting, notify users to phishing attempts from browsers, email and SMS.

Digicel Group Chief Business Officer Martha Tate said:

“We are excited to be working with Lookout Mobile Security to help protect businesses in the region from data compromise. Mobile device and app usage in the workplace continues to expand, challenging IT leaders to strike the balance between embracing mobility and ensuring security.”

Martha continued, “This partnership between Digicel Business and Lookout helps ensure that, despite increased risks within the region, any Caribbean business can benefit from mobile productivity with the assurance that their corporate assets are better protected.”

Digicel Barbados Director of Operations & Digicel Business Katherine Payne said, “Digicel Business has a commitment to help Barbadian businesses of any size save time and money by providing the tools and technology needed to succeed both now and into the future. With Lookout, Digicel Business customers will benefit from real-time visibility, via a dashboard, into incidents on their workforce’s mobile devices, without compromising employee privacy and will even be able to take appropriate actions to remediate.”

Digicel Business is currently offering Barbadian businesses 100 per cent off their first month when they sign up for any mobile or broadband plan. For even more savings, businesses can sign up for a combination of mobile, broadband or fixed voice and get two months free. Businesses can call (246) 530-2273 or visit digicelbusiness.com to sign up today.