Dario riding wave of success Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Dario Greenidge is a remarkable example of perseverance and adaption to circumstance. Having extensive experience in watersports, the 36-year-old who hails from Carrington’s Village St Michael has navigated the waves of success and is now the newly appointed cost controller at Sandals Barbados. 

Dario started with the company a decade ago in the watersports department but switched to the warehouse department on a hunch that he would excel there. 

“It all started one Friday evening in 2013 when I was on the watersports truck taking supplies to our (Sandals Barbados) storeroom as the hotel was preparing to close for refurbishing. 

“I saw one of the guys using the forklift and asked if I could lend him a hand and we stacked away all of the chairs. When he finished he asked me if I wanted to come work at the storeroom as they needed help and it all worked out,” said Dario. 

When the hotel reopened in 2014 he decided to stay in the warehouse department as opposed to watersports and said it was the best decision he made. 

“I remember my watersports manager at the time looking at his manning and saying he was missing one person and came to the storeroom looking for me but I told him that I had indicated to the finance manager that I wanted to stay,” said Dario. 

The rest is history as he soon after moved from storeroom porter to a member of the cost control department, assisting with receivables and later as a cost control clerk. 

“I remained in the warehouse dealing with receivables and then one day we were told that there was an opening for an assistant cost controller. I applied and held that position until last year when I got promoted to cost controller.” 

“My financial controllers (Mr Glenford Campbell and Lisa Gay Reynolds) are hugely responsible for my progress and I can’t thank them enough for believing and guiding me up to this point. That’s the thing about Sandals, when they see potential that you may not see in yourself at the time, there are persons there to advise you on what courses and skillsets you need to advance in the company and I have benefited from this,” added Dario. 

Dario, who is an avid football fan of the Italian Giants AC Milan and local football team Weymouth Wales, is also a father and role model to his 15 year old son. 

“My son sees me starting as a watersports employee and now I’m a manager and he is so proud and constantly tells his friends that his dad is a manager at the best hotel in the world. 

Honestly, I’m lucky and proud that he sees me in this light. I always tell him, hard work pays off and I hope he follows my example,” said a proud Dario.