Brand Barbados splashed across Europe, America, Canada, Caribbean Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

The Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) has strategically placed Barbados is in the line of sight of millions of travelers around the globe.

There are branded billboards, buses, taxis, and even trains carrying Visit Barbados slogans and ads across three of the seven continents so far.

more travelers will chase the Carnival vibes to Barbados this June, July and August

In addition to brand Barbados being highly visible online and in traditional media with the island featured and highlighted in issues such as Forbes Magazine, the BTMI is not letting travelers sleep on the Gem of the Caribbean now that flights and cruises have resumed globally.

Tourism took a huge blow during the three years of the COVID pandemic, but BTMI is not resting on its laurels or waiting for persons to seek out the 246, instead the company has made bold moves and taken poignant steps to keep Barbados first of mind for persons around the world.

Global ads promoting the island’s 166 square miles of beauty and heritage can be seen in the USA in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York; in the UK and Dublin, Ireland; in Europe in Berlin, Milan and Amsterdam; in Toronto and Vancouver in Canada; as well as across Latin America and the Caribbean. Campaigns are on display in Panama, Mexico, Jamaica and Trinidad.

With these global activations and campaigns launched and against the backdrop of a successful recent Winter season, the hard work of the BTMI team already seems to be paying dividends.

As Summer ensues and Barbados gears up for the Sweetest Summer Festival – Crop Over, it is hoped that with increased airlift, more travelers will chase the Carnival vibes to Barbados this June, July and August.

Beyond Crop Over, and with more cruise liner homeporting opportunities on the cards for later this year, it is thought that the remainder of 2023 could see more guests, visitors and returning nationals following the campaigns and turning up in Barbados for other activities on the BTMI event calendar. For the rest of the year, the BTMI will host the Barbados Food and Rum Festival and Run Barbados as well.