Barbados Jockey Elijah Greenidge won big on Gold Cup Day Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

On Saturday, March 2, 2024, at the Garrison Savannah, the Sandy Lane Gold Cup race was heavy on the minds of most, but for Elijah Greenidge, as an apprentice, his eyes and thoughts were focused on the Green Monkey Trophy (Handicap).

With many of the races on the biggest race day locally listed as ‘No Apprentice Allowance’, the apprentice jockeys have fewer chances to show their talents and garner greater support.

Against this backdrop, Greenidge chose the right day out of the approximate 51 scheduled race days at the Garrison Savannah to pull the win out of his hat.

On this occasion, renowned horse trainer Robert Peirce gave Greenidge a mount and he did not let him or the stables down. He rode Donna’s True Bling out of the US, to win in a time of 1:56 and two-fifths.

Asked if he thinks that this win could be his new calling card, his catapult into the bigger leagues outside of Barbados, he said, “I would say so. It’s a start.”

In an interview after the terrific ride to deservedly cop The Green Monkey Trophy, he spoke about his career up to date. “It’s a little hard. It’s up and down basically.”

He explained, “I don’t got no agent over in the US [United States of America] so I basically do it on my own, so it’s kind of a bit of a struggle.”

Despite such, every year, Greenidge returns to the 246 for the Gold Cup. He said, “I just like the feeling, the feeling of being home.” 

And the hope now, since he came home and took the gold, is that after a run like that one on Saturday, hopefully agents will be knocking at his door to take him and his talents onboard and abroad.