Barbados and Cayman to benefit from new route Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

New direct flight between Cayman Islands and Barbados is a win-win for both countries as they open and expand access to source markets and destinations.

In the face of naysayers, questioning this new route at this time, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc (BTMI) Chairman Shelly Williams believes this actually is a solution for some of the challenges facing Barbados in the industry post-pandemic.

Williams asserts this is not a knee-jerk or willy-nilly decision but a cog that fits into the BTMI’s overall strategy.

“This new service allows us to address some of the challenges we’re currently facing in the region as it pertains to airlift, while also diversifying our source markets by giving us access to the Northern Caribbean; in particular, connectivity with Jamaica and Cuba;” Williams said.

“More importantly, in a few weeks, I hope to announce a second service using Cayman Airways through LA. Regional travel has always been an area that we in Barbados have been working towards improving and this service is critical as it opens Barbados and the Cayman Islands to the rest of the region. Cayman Airways is currently the only Caribbean carrier providing this service to this gateway. It will improve connectivity with Jamaica, New York, Havana, Miami and most importantly Los Angeles. Therefore, we welcome this fruitful partnership with Cayman Airways.”

The Cayman Islands has a vibrant Barbadian population and these services opens up the opportunity for the diaspora to travel home. Additionally, the Cayman Islands is known as a major financial centre and many international accounting and finance business entities have significant connections and bases in Cayman. The Chairman anticipates that these business professionals would be the major users of this flight.

Mutually beneficial service

Williams highlighted that Barbados is considered the airlift hub for the Eastern Caribbean and currently, the island boasts of having the largest number of flights out of the UK and Europe. Therefore, Caymanians and Barbadians stand to benefit from these new services as they connect Barbados to the Northern Caribbean, and offers the Cayman Islands easier connectivity to the UK and Europe through the Grantley Adams International Airport.

“This new gateway continues to see Barbados as a hub in our strong connectivity into the UK and Europe. We anticipate that this will be an advantageous and valuable partnership for both Barbados and the Cayman Islands,” Williams said.