Attacker at Sion Hill church has a mental illness | Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

The aggressor, who was arrested on Sunday, May 22, 2022, after attacking a pastor and other congregation members at a church in Sion Hill, is currently at the psychiatric hospital for assessment.

Police informed Loop News that the man, who is around age 22, is a patient known to the Psychiatric Hospital.

On Sunday, after the incident interrupted the church’s live stream and left the pastor bloody and another senior church member bruised, the first lady of the New Testament Church of God Sion Hill, St James came on the live to discuss what unfolded before and after the recording device fell in the uproar. She came to allay fears and explain the seriousness of the situation.

The first lady, Minister Alison Holder, with her lip bruised, stood alongside senior paster Reverend Gregney Holder said, “A young man just came into this church and demanded that we not call upon the name of Jesus Christ. He came up on this platform. He spat in my face. He spat in the pastor’s face. He then began to assault the pastor at the new Testament Church Sion Hill, demanding that we stop calling the name of Jesus…

“He left the pastor of this church bloodied. We have put this matter before the Lord, but we have also called the Barbados Police Service. He cuffed me all in my face. This country is to be a safe country where we can worship God in peace. He has destroyed all of our altar, benches, in his rage…”

Stressing that this attack did not happen in a country where Christianity is not the dominant religion, she urged, “This is in Barbados and this has happened on Sunday morning in this country…”

Shakily she ended the live feed saying that at least they are alive at the end of this unexpected turn of events.

Members of the Police Service responded and took away the attacker.