Ambulance responded to one call Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Barbadians who embarked upon the 2022 Walk for the Cure made it without medical attention or intervention for the most part.

Research and Planning Officer of the Barbados Fire Service Andrew Taylor was pleased with the outcome of today’s CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank Walk for the Cure which saw thousands of persons celebrating the 20th year of this fundraiser activity.

He told Loop News:

“I would say it was pretty much incident-free. The ambulance that was following the crowd from the start. They would have responded to one incident. But so far, no other major incidents were reported to us.”

The ambulance rushed through Waterford around 5:16 pm.

Most people wore comfortable walking or running shoes, but Loop saw some people changing shoes, mashing down their shoes or even holding their sneakers in their hands during the route from the Everton Weekes roundabout in Warrens to the National Botanical Gardens. One or two people seemed to catch cramp and sat to massage it out as well. While others were just so grateful to see the water station strategically located along Waterford Bottom to help them stay hydrated that they ran happily to the distributors with outstretched arms.

Despite the showers of rain around 4:30 pm that bathed the masses and turned the pink shirts almost red, there weren’t slips and falls or injuries reported as well.

When asked if he thought that Bajans came out more prepared for today’s walk than in the past, Fire Officer Taylor added, “Yes and no, because we left a lot of people behind also, but yes for the most part, I think people were just excited to be back out again and do the walk.”