5 Things Bajans should do when there is bad weather Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Get yourself ready to weather the storm through the night just in case the bad weather persists.

Here are five tips:

Charge all your devices

Full batteries in everything – cell phone, tablet and computer if possible. If you can charge safely at your office before heading home, do that as your office may have a generator.

Unplug devices not in surge protectors

This may run contrary to the first tip in a way, but if your electrical devices are not plugged into a surge protector then you may want to consider unplugging them just in case there is a power surge. Go without TV for a night instead of without TV for a week or three because you have to buy a new one.

Fill the washing machine or tub

Catch water in your washing machine or tub. This water could help with cooking, flushing, and drinking if necessary.

Top up your phones

With many landlines dependent on electricity a lot of people are being left stranded even in terms of communication when power outages occur. Send credit to your loved ones, especially those who are elderly. Send credit using *128*246thenumber*theamount#

Take inventory of your stock

Check the freezer and make a plan for how you would cook your meat, if you have frozen meat, in the event of prolonged power outage. Note how many cans of food items you have and ration them so that by the time the sunlight comes, you have not eaten all the hurricane snacks – tuna and tin hot dogs, with more days of no power ahead. Eat in moderation due bad weather.

Be safe!