Cave Shepherd profits, pays investor dividends – Barbados Today


In the first half-year financial report since discarding its retail store operations following consecutive years of massive losses, Cave Shepherd & Co Ltd has made almost $3.5 million in profits.The publicly-traded company, that has now centred its operations around financial services and international business, recorded a dramatic turnaround in its bottom line for the six months of 2021 ending June 30.Compared to the same period in 2020 when the company reported a loss of $36.90 million, company chairman Sir Geoffrey Cave and chief executive officer John Williams praised the demonstrated resilience of the Barbadian company.
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PSV operators upset about police reports - Barbados Today

Public service vehicle (PSV) operators are up in arms again over what they consider to be unnecessary actions being taken against them by police officers.More than two years after they complained that lawmen were reporting them for working from Fairchild Street even though the Constitutional River Terminal (CRT) was closed, […]