Atherley calls for details on rent paid by Government – Barbados Today


Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley has called on the administration to disclose exactly where the $65 million spent annually to rent office spaces for government departments is going.He made the call at the official launch of the restoration of the old Welfare Building, at Country Road, St Michael, on Friday, as he raised concerns about the large sums of money being spent on rental accommodation.Atherley said Government needed to tell the public how the money was apportioned.“Because it is a lot of money being spent every year, and I am glad that some of it will be saved when we bring this building back into use at a fairly minimum cost, from what I hear,” he said.Minister of Housing Lands and Maintenance Dr William Duguid who admitted that a significant amount of money has been spent on renting office spaces, told Atherley that much of that money was being invested by the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) which has built many rental accommodations over the years.
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Government’s $19 million electrical upgrade programme for National Housing Corporation (NHC) units is in full swing with scores of units already being completed at a cost of $6.5 million. Speaking at Deacons, St Michael, during the second electrical upgrade handover, Minister of Housing, Lands and Maintenance Dr William Duguid said […]