Brazil Records World’s Second Highest New COVID-19 Cases In One Day


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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Sept. 1, 2020: Latin American giant, Brazil, and the epicenter of the new coronavirus, on Monday recorded the second highest number of new COVID-19 cases globally, and for the first time, more than the US.

On Monday, the country reported 48,590 new cases, more than reported across five Latin American nations in the region on Sunday. The new tally pushed the South American nation close to 4 million infections as its death toll jumped by another 619 Monday to reach, 121,515, the highest in the region.

Only India reported more new cases globally yesterday with 68,770 cases as the US dropped to the third spot with 38,560 cases.

Still the news comes as Brazil saw a 12 percent drop in deaths from July. This month saw a total 28, 947 deaths while last month there was 32,912 deaths.

The news comes as reported that at least Catholic 447 priests in Brazil have been infected with the novel coronavirus in Brazil since March and 22 of them have died, according to the country’s National Commission of Presbyters (NCP). And as an official survey by the Municipality of Sao Paulo shows that due to the pandemic, unemployment is rising and the number of people living on the streets has increased considerably. The situation worsens during winter with intense cold at night as two deaths have already been recorded. Many of these homeless people prefer staying on the streets rather than going to shelters for fear of contracting coronavirus (COVID-19) and survive only with the help of NGOs and social projects that donate blankets, clothing and food.

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