Nya and Nathan new “royals”


Young showstoppers in the age 10-12 category at the Barbados Junior Prince and Princess Pageant at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre turned the heat all the way up as they fiercely contested for the 2019 crowns.

First runner-up Shontae Alleyne Clarke showed why she won an award at this year’s Junior Monarch Competition with the piece Stop The Violence. She won Best Talent with that song of choice and set the bar for competition afterward.

She was not the only shining star because Keanna Flavius who was awarded second runner-up was a favourite for the night with the crowd on her side. This was for good reason too as she was outstanding in voice with her rendition of Try It On My Own made popular by Whitney Houston. It earned her a semi-standing ovation from the crowd.

Deciding to step outside of the song selections was Pageant Princess Nya Mayers who brought some African hype to the stage. Her dance, The Ancestral City, was a story about an ancestor who came back in time to see how her children were living with each other. This piece was well appreciated with the sound of drums and acting infused.

Nathan Ottley who won Best Talent for the boys and was also crowned Pageant Prince did a piece dedicated to his mother, You’re My Mom showing the hard work that went into his household being held together by his mother Natasha. Jair-Forde Gooding, the first runner-up, brought out the emotions as he sang a Michael Jackson number Gone Too Soon to his pet dog Scooby who passed away.

Amari Howell who was second runner-up went the political route with a monologue addressing the major health and social issues affecting young people. He was passionate, sending a strong message for change through innovation and exercise as Junior Minister of Youth.

In the formal wear category Ottley also stole the show with his dapperly styled burgundy jacket and grey trousers which were well fitted. He was charming as he modelled across the stage in the Kevin Small design.

In the formal segment, Pageant Princess Nya Mayers came out like a ray of sunshine as she represented Belle, the star character in Beauty and the Beast. Her dress carried a scooped neckline and hugged her tiny waist.

Best Formal Wear in the category went to Keanna Flavius who tied with Mayers. Flavius wore a beautiful blue piece which was striking in its different shades. The dress itself was made of a combination of fabrics along with mesh.. She was very beautiful with a well made-up face with nude lipstick and her tiny sister locks swept into a pin up.

The night proved to be a success showcasing that talent is still at an all-time high in Barbados, especially amongst the young people. (MR)

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