‘On call’


Minister of Labour Colin Jordan appears set to intervene in the impasse at security firm G4S where restive workers have issued a strike threat.

Barbados Workers Union consultant and former general secretary Sir Roy Trotman today revealed there are problems at the company, which are now before the

Sir Roy said: “I wish to indicate that today the Barbados Workers Union (BWU) did meet with the Minister of Labour and we were able to indicate issues to the Minister of Labour which have been outstanding for quite some time and have been outstanding because they had not been escalated up to his office by the Labour Department where we had sent some of them.

“We also raised a number of issues, which were not sent to the labour department, which were occasioning a significant number of problems for the workforce.

“The Minister, now hearing for the first time, has to be given time to meet with the G4S people and then he has to be able, having talked to them, to come together with the union so that they could be tripartite discussions in that area.”

The labour movement veteran declined to outline the vexing issues saying that it would be “unfair and indecent” to publicly release details at this stage.

At a meeting earlier this month, G4S security officers vented their frustration at several issues included a pay increase and back pay.

A source who attended the meeting held at Solidarity House told Barbados TODAY that workers were frustrated, with a salary increase owed for the last six years and outstanding back pay from 2016.

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