It’s not discrimination


A fortnight ago Providence School in St. George was accused of discrimination by the Canadian mother of a male student.

She reported to the press that her son who identifies as a female was forced to wear a male uniform at the private institution.

“Our daughter felt discriminated against, disrespected and she had to suffer through that for an entire school year. Although she struggled, she is a gifted child so her grades were still good. But she was hurt and very depressed,” (Midweek Nation, September 4, 2019).

In order to whip up support for her cause the parent who asked not to be identified to protect the identity of the child, started an online petition, “Push Providence School Barbados to Support LGBTQ+ children.”

Those who follow the goings-on of the homosexual community in North America and their efforts to push the LGBT+ agenda down the throats of everyone else would immediately recognise similarities in the Providence situation!

The strategy up North is nowhere more clearly exemplified than in the numerous lawsuits brought against Masterpiece Cakeshop of Colorado, U.S., owned by Jack Phillips. It goes something like this. A homosexual couple approaches the baker with the request of baking a wedding cake. Now, there are several other bakeries that would be glad to provide wedding cakes. But no, it must be done by Mr. Phillips!

Of course, he refuses on the grounds that baking a cake for a gay wedding would violate his religious conscience and beliefs. The couple then feigns discrimination and disgust, hires lawyers and sues Mr. Phillips. This has been the life of the baker for a few years now.

But last year, the Supreme Court backed him by ruling that “the Colorado Civil Rights Commission displayed ‘anti-religious bias’ in finding that Phillips violated the state’s anti-discrimination laws by refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding,” (article by Jack Crowe, National Review June 11, 2019,

Supporters of the homosexual lifestyle and belief systems just do not get it. They find it extremely difficult to believe that there are others in society that do not share their beliefs; and that these people have a right to their own views! When will they get it that believing that homosexuality is wrong in God’s eyes is not practising discrimination? It is having a religious view.

As it relates to the school, insisting that a biological boy cannot wear a girl’s uniform is not discrimination. It is abiding by the rules and procedures of the institution.

But this Canadian mother seems determined to have her way. And so, Providence School and the island of Barbados are portrayed to the world as anti-transgender.

We need to ask the question – what next? If her son had been allowed to wear a girl’s uniform to school, what else would she demand? Well, we just have to take a look up North to see the answer. Transgender females (biological males) in Canada and North America have pushed for, and have gained, the right to use biological females’ public bathrooms!

We in Barbados must be aware of the strategies to bring this country in line with the worldwide LGBT+ agenda. Of course, we do not have the years of experience in dealing with these issues as others in North America; but with God’s wisdom in our bosom and religious freedom resonating in our hearts, we can overcome LGBT+ coercion!

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