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Event Producer Kamal Clarke has been producing events such as Midweek Madness at Baku, Bayshore to West Indies Cricket Carnival and 2 Sweet Tuesdays at Jumbies. He was also Events Manager for Power X Four and is the co-creator of Power X Four Beach Party Stand.

These days, Clarke is the organizer of Muddslyde and has also embarked on a new venture, Baje To The World, which highlights talented artistes in Barbados and gives them an opportunity to perform at Britain’s Got Talent.

Positive Vibes sat down with Clarke to discuss who he is outside of the entertainment world and why he decided to be a part of Baje To The World.

Q: What is one thing the public would not know about Kamal?

A: I totally love family and rum and raisin ice-cream.

Q: What does Kamal do for fun?

A:  Off-road driving, diving, spearfishing, snorkeling or scuba diving; also, jumping on planes and seeing the world and experiencing new places.

Q: When did you realize that you wanted to be a promoter?

A: I was in my 20s when I met with the owner of Spectacular Promotions and he inspired me. I also have a passion for seeing things come to fruition and knowing that I was a part of the process to get it there.

Q: Were you always involved in the entertainment industry?

A:  My greatest achievement thus far was being called from Hong Kong and asked to put together a Caribbean group to represent at the Hong Kong New Year’s Day festival parade in 2015. It was a monumental success. I took 27 persons who came from Trinidad, St Lucia, and Barbados. I must also mention my years as Coordinator with the group Caribbean Vision as we did educational entertainment school tours around the Caribbean. We tackled the subject of drugs, crime, and education through the medium of the performing arts.

Q: Most persons would know you are the organizer for Muddslyde. How did you come up with the concept?

A: The Muddslyde concept came ten years ago after sitting with two of my business colleagues. We realized the direction Foreday morning was heading in and saw it would be the biggest event for Crop Over. We conceptualized how we could make it affordable and a great experience for all and boom, Muddslyde the brand became.

Q: Recently, you embarked on a new venture – Baje To The World. How did this concept come about?

A: Baje To The World is a brand created within the Ministry of Youth and Community Empowerment and powered by the Community Development Department. I applied for the position as coordinator as I believe in its ability to empower many – the old, young, dancer, singer, musician. Any and all performing talented persons across Barbados now can receive the exposure and financial reward for their talent locally and internationally at Britain’s Got Talent competition. Also, it is in the process of unearthing new talent that may have never received the opportunity to shine before. It’s embodied in the slogan I created, Let Your Brilliance Motivate, Empower and Create Your Future.

Q: Baje To The World has been running for the past month and highlighting new Barbadian talent. What has been one of your highlights thus far?

A: I can honestly say I have seen not one but several highlights. We had a great piece of spoken word by Akeem Chandler-Prescod, an impressionist at St George’s preliminary,  a very young saxophonist with extreme potential and I must say, all in all, some amazing voices. We even had an older man Ranger Von performing an original reggae piece as well. It is early days and we have only done three preliminaries out of 12 thus far.

Q: As Baje To The World continues there will be a coaching session. Can you reveal who some of the coaches will be?

A: The [main purpose] of Baje To The World is to help the talent we see nurture their art and take it to another level. This process starts from the judging panel who doesn’t sit to judge the competition for amusement or to highlight only the negative aspects of their performances but more to help the talent that comes before them understand what is needed to rise to another level on their journey as consummate performers. As the talent varies, so will the training team and coaches. We have so far been approached by Earlybird Studios, CRS Recording Studios as mentors for workshop services as well as ToastMaster to assist in stage presence, to name a few. The Community Development Department, as past coordinators of Dancefest and Indepen-Dance, also has numerous practitioners whose services will also be engaged.

Q: Outside of Baje To The World are there any other projects that you have lined up in the works?

A: To be very honest, my brain never stops conceptualizing new projects, but I have made a decision to create a tunnel vision for Baje To The World as any parent would with a newborn baby, to take it from a toddler state to that of maturity.

Q: As you have been watching Baje To The World, do you think more needs to be done to help promote the overwhelming amount of talent in Barbados?

A: I have had this discussion with some persons and was amazed by some of the responses I have heard. The other larger Caribbean islands have realized that talent is a natural resource, and they have been heavily throwing their support behind their talent both from a governmental and private sector position. We must be happy that our Government also sees this in such light and has invested some resources behind it, so we can continue to have that pride we feel when we hear our very own voice actor Red Pepper, Dj Grandmaster Flash, Dougie Fresh, Shontelle, Arturo Tappin and of course, Rihanna, represent and raise our flag high to the world.

Q: What advice would you have for anyone seeking to implement another show that would highlight and showcase Barbadian talent?

A: Do it for the right reasons. Come and be a part of Baje To The World. Stay positive and true to your journey and use your critics as stepping stones and not stumbling blocks. Lastly, connect with those in the industry who have the experience and can guide you on what is really needed.

Q: Where can people find you on social media?

A: They can follow me on Facebook and Instagram @bajetotheworld or email talent@bajetotheworld.com or musicfrenzy@hotmail.com (LG)

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