Water and power to be restored this morning- Minister Abrahams



Work is underway to restore water and electricity services to affected communities.

Minister of Public Utilities Wilfred Abrahams told a news briefing this morning that while most of the Barbados Water Authority’s reservoirs and stations were operational again, one major was pump was down.

“So you are likely to get some low pressure in some areas of St Joseph, some areas of Christ Church but we are trying to fill the reservoirs and get everything back up and running.”

He also noted that the Ionics plant was expected to resume operations this morning and that would “assist in increasing the pressure and the ability to distribute water to everyone.”

Minister Abrahams, however, gave assurances that tankers were prepped and ready to assist affected customers from as early as 9 a.m.

With respect to power outages, the Minister disclosed that the Barbados Light and Power experienced some difficulty with its feeder lines along with isolated outages.

“They have repaired the feeder lines, the outages they are trying to address now. Most of the outages were actually caused by fuses tripped out by fallen branches on power lines but they will have to get to each one individually and get them back up and running. But Light and Power is fully deployed to restore normalcy to Barbados.

Communities in St Philip, St Thomas, Christ Church, St George, St Michael, St Andrew, St Peter, St Lucy and St James are still without power but he assured that this would soon be rectified.

“Things are on stream to get back to full capacity by this morning,” Abrahams said.



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