Exhibition euphoria


Chelsea St Hill is feeling humbled to have been able to excel in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) to win a 2019 Government Exhibition.

Chelsea who attended Queen’s College (QC), received grade one in Caribbean Studies, Accounting, Economics, Pure Mathematics, and a grade two in Communication Studies. She said her success was a result of her being dedicated to her schoolwork.

“Especially coming down to the end, I would go to school every day during my study leave and have a little study group with my friends and I think that is what really helped me to achieve what I have achieved,” she said.

In fact, the young woman believes that keeping company with positive friends was key to success. “I know honestly if it weren’t for my friends and the people I surrounded myself with, I couldn’t have gotten it done because they were the ones that pushed me along the way. Obviously, you would have to have self-motivation. But when you doubt yourself and feel down, you would need people out there to push you to go forward,” Chelsea said.

Chelsea’s mother, Jennifer St Hill, who is a media director at Virgo Communications, said her daughter worked consistently hard and well over the years, while maintaining an intrinsic drive.

“So you never really had to push her to do homework or anything like that. So the accomplishment to me now is just the crown in the jewel for her. As she moves forward, there is a whole journey ahead and hopefully, she can conquer that with the same dedication, determination, and positive attitude,” Jennifer said.

Her father, who is a Senior Child Care Officer at the Barbados Child Care Board (CCB), said he was pleased with the performance of his daughter whom he noted was still on her journey to success.

“I know we tend to focus on the end result in terms of the exhibition and this achievement at this point in time, but I always believe that it begins from a very young age. As a worker of the Child Care Board, I recognize how important it is in terms of early childhood development. I know that she had a good foundation at John Beckles Nursery, and also at Wesley Hall Primary School. I recognize the work, and the guidance that the teachers put into her from a very young age,” the Child Care Officer said.

Chelsea, who said she appreciated mathematics and economics, plans to begin studies in actuarial science at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada from September. anestahenry@barbadostoday.bb

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