Let the children go to God


School children in China are being taught that Christianity is an evil cult, and that they should hate God!

“Since the adoption of the new Regulations on Religious Affairs last year [February], which, among other things, prohibit children from attending places of worship, schools around China have adopted unprecedented measures to keep students away from the matters of faith.” So states Bitter Winter, an online magazine on religious liberty and human rights in China. It is headquartered in Torino, Italy.

As one can imagine, the new policy has resulted in very stressful situations for families. For one thing, it has put a fear in young children that they will lose their parents if they [parents] are arrested for believing in God and practising Christianity. ‘Bitter Winter’ reports that one little boy told his mother, “My teacher says that Christianity is an evil cult. [That] if you believe in it, you will leave home and not take care of me. You might set yourself on fire, too.” This boy’s fear is surely very real!

What a terrible thing it is for a child to believe that his parents are going to abandon him. Even more horrific, is telling children that their parents might commit suicide by setting themselves on fire!

It is a well-orchestrated scare tactic by communist China to paint Christianity as some kind of weird and useless belief system which must be avoided! Indeed, “the grooming of atheists starts at an early age – from kindergartens and primary schools.”

Another parent related how she discovered an anti-Christian textbook in her son’s backpack which identified Christian items. She immediately hid such items in an effort to dispel her son’s fears and anxiety. However, he later found another religious item – a tract – in her handbag; and instantly he took a kitchen knife and pierced holes into it! This mother lamented, “Before starting school, I told my child about God’s creation, and he believed it. But after being taught at school, my child is like a different person. In atheistic China, these pure and innocent children have been taught to hate God.”

This is so unnatural for little children, who have an innate love for God and are always ready to embrace the Bible. One shudders to think that unfortunately, billions of Chinese children will grow up without the possibility of hearing about and experiencing God’s love for them.

How can they, when one school “screened a propaganda video in which Jesus’ followers were depicted as big scary monsters… [and] a teacher warned that Christian relatives might ‘cast spells’ on the youngsters”?

How can they ever hear the gospel when the revised regulation on religion bans “under-18s from attending church or receiving any religious education”?

But we worship a God who can do what is humanly impossible – even in China! Well then, let us knit our prayers together and intercede for this country, so that children can freely hear and read about how Jesus put his hand on children’s heads and blessed them after he told the disciples, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these,” (Matthew 19:14 New International Version).

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