Energetic centenarian


At 100-years-old Leotta ‘Lee Lee’ Cuffley is full of energy and talk.

Cuffley is so full of spunk that she was very successful at keeping Governor General Dame Sandra Mason engaged in conversation when she paid her a visit at Navy Gardens, Christ Church this morning with greetings and gifts to mark the significant milestone.

In a strong voice, Cuffley who said she was blessed that God helped her to become a centenarian, said she was feeling great.

“I feel good. I got to love God with all my heart. All them got to do is get on them knees, ask God to forgive them for them sins and serve God too,” Cuffley, who was born in Marley Vale, St Philip, told members of the media.

The mother of two, who also raised three adopted children from babies, said she worked hard to earn an honest living to meet the needs of her family.

She said she spent the former years of her working life in a kitchen, until the day she decided that she needed to make more money.

She went to work at River Plantation, St Philip.

“Let me tell you something. I went in river yard and buy a hoe and get my own hoe that I wouldn’t have to borrow,” she recalled.

The centenarian remembered the historic day when former Prime Minister and trade unionist Grantley Adams visited River Plantation to speak to workers about earning better wages.

“I see the man coming and he pass long side me, he ain’t say nothing to me. So I asked one of the girls ‘who is he that pass hey’ and she say Grantley Adams. I say ‘oh’. I thought Grantley Adams was a white man, but he was a black man. But he did for people. He did for us so that did working hard in the field and ain’t getting nothing. And then you hear the money raise. I did very glad because I did want a house. So I save my money and buy my house,” the centenarian said.

When asked if she had any words of wisdom to share with the youth of the nation, Cuffley contended that she did not believe the “youth want to hear anything from the old people”.

Nevertheless, Cuffley did have something good to say to the future leaders of the nation. “Work hard. What you need, buy. And don’t run around and run all about,” she said.

Cuffley who lives at Content Cot, St Philip with one of her biological children, has four grandchildren. The centenarian’s relatives said she spends most of her days doing what she wants around the house, chatting and singing praises to her saviour.

Also joining Cuffley to celebrate her special day was former Prime Minister of St Lucia Sir Vaughan Lewis who is married to her adopted daughter Lady Shirley Lewis. (AH)

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