Cyber security a real threat, says Bostic


The security of our borders is critical in order for Government to keep its citizens safe. Now, special focus has to be paid to cyber security.

So says Minister of Health Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic who was speaking during the debate of the Customs (Amended) Bill 2019 in the Lower House earlier today.

He welcomed the reform coming to the Customs & Excise Department because it seeks to address some border security issues.

“It would be remiss of me as one who is grounded in security if I did not speak to this Bill in relation to overall security regime of this country. I believe strongly that for too long the security of our country and our region, seems to be the responsibility of other players … But piece by piece we are starting to grab hold of our security.”

The Minister added: “Our security regime encompass air, sea and land and I would even venture to say certainly within the last few years we ought to be looking at cyberspace as well because that is becoming a serious threat not only to our national security, but it is an international threat. That is an area we have to focus on as well.”

Bostic said cyber security becomes vital because the very computer systems we now so heavily depend on can be attacked at any time.

“Cyber security is a real threat and one that we need to pay some attention to. I know for sure there have been cyber attacks within our space without going into any details. We certainly do not have the capacity to deal with something like that on our own and an integrated approach is absolutely necessary … An approach that would formulate some cyber emergency alert teams with the region that will be able to assist any member state that is impacted.”

The Health Minister also spoke of the need to have checks in place to secure public health.

“Port health, our public health at our borders is extremely important and must be constituted as an element of the whole security structure. Once we have all of these in place and we take ownership for these systems I believe as a country we would be in a very good position to provide for the safety and security of all persons who reside on this rock.”

The upgrades are to be implemented at the Customs & Excise Department in September in time for one of the Port’s busiest periods at Christmas.

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