Burglary accused remanded


Two men were remanded to Dodds facing several charges, among them that they stole $54,350 worth of hair belonging to a beauty store.

Nicky O’Neal Boyce, of 4th Avenue Skeete’s Road, The Ivy, St Michael, a 31-year-old labourer, and Shaddrie Sheldon Dacosta Marshall, of Lower Richmond Gap, St Michael, who is 30 years old and unemployed, are accused of stealing 198 packages of hair from Beautylicious trading as No. 1 Beauty Supply when they entered the establishment between May 14 and 15 as trespassers.

Nicky O’Neal Boyce and Shaddrie Sheldon Dacosta Marshall
Nicky O’Neal Boyce and Shaddrie Sheldon Dacosta Marshall

They were not required to plead to the indictable charge when they appeared before Chief Magistrate Christopher Birch today in the District ‘C’ Magistrates’ Court.

The two men are also accused of entering Harper Bar and Bakery and stealing 170 bottles of alcoholic beverages and energy drinks worth $11,699 between March 28 and 29; No. 1 Beauty Supply between February 10 and 11 stealing 49 packs of hair worth $20, 190; Goalkeeper Bar between March 11 and 12 and stealing 108 bottles of alcohol worth $7,117 belonging to Cecil White and Eric Travellers Bar and stealing 12 bottles of alcohol and 27 boxes of cigarettes worth $612. The duo was not required to plead to the charges which occurred in the District ‘A’ jurisdiction.

In the District ‘C’ jurisdiction the two are alleged to have entered ShopSmart Inc as trespassers between April 12 and 13, making off with 204 assorted bottles of alcoholic beverages, five televisions and a waste basket totaling $13,787.30. They were also not required to plead to that indictable charge.

Marshall is further charged along with 33-year-old Shamar Tashaka Jahamos Callender, of Block 1C, Deacons Farm, St Michael with entering De Hill Mini Mart and Sports Bar between April 15 and 16 and stealing a variety of items worth $4,642.50 including alcohol, drinks, cigarettes, lotion, food items both perishable and non perishable and $1,031.45 cash belonging to Francia Reece. That indictable charge occurred in the District ‘A’ jurisdiction.

Marshall, Callender and Boyce are also jointly charged in the District ‘A’ jurisdiction with entering the Eight Ball Bar between May 2 and 3 and stealing 28 bottles of alcohol worth $1,545.

The three are further accused, along with 29-year-old unemployed man, Shermar Kriston Deane Goddard, of No. 1 Arlie Tenantry Road, Hinds Hill, Cave Hill, St Michael with entering Hillside Variety as trespassers and stealing 14 bottles of alcohol and five bottles of wine as well as 55 packs of cigarettes and 12 packs of nuggets worth $2,146. 30 belonging Flavia Drakes.

Shermar Kriston Deane Goddard and Shamar Tashaka Jahamos Callender
Shermar Kriston Deane Goddard and Shamar Tashaka Jahamos Callender

That charge is alleged to have occurred in the District ‘E’ jurisdiction.

Marshall is also facing a separate charge in that same jurisdiction with entering ShopSmart Inc as a trespasser between January 27 and 28 and stealing 256 bottles on alcohol, three hams, three baskets, 14 boxes of nuggets and 26 burgers worth $17,753. 52.

Station Sergeant Peter Barrow objected to bail for the four accused who are all represented by attorneys.

In his objections for Goddard the prosecutor stated that the accused is not only known to the court but that other persons were also being sought and there are fears that he would interfere with investigations if released on bail.

Officer Barrow also submitted that there was a need to protect society from the accused especially “the business sector from these types of alleged offences”.

With respect to Marshall, the prosecutor stated that the he was currently on bail and that his antecedents showed a propensity to commit such offences. Boyce and Callender, he disclosed were also on bail.

However, attorney-at-law Ajamu Bourdi argued that Callender, was a suitable candidate for bail despite his pending matter saying while the court has to take the prior charge into account it is not a “determinant” when it comes to his client’s pretrial freedom. The lawyer stated that Callender was gainfully employed as a coconut vendor and was a mason by trade and had a girlfriend who was eight weeks pregnant who was dependent on him.

In his application for bail Bourdi also pointed to an “irregular and unusual” circumstance in which his client was brought before the court and released into police custody “without any further charge” being laid against him and brought back before the court again today. He revealed that his client had already spent 14 days in police custody.

Walkes who represents Marshall and Goddard also echoed Bourdi’s objections adding that conditions can be placed on his clients to secure their attendance at court. He further stated that Marshall had no history of “skipping court dates,” did not have a passport so he “can’t flee” and had missed the birth of his child while in police custody.

Goddard the attorney said had no pending cases and argued that spending 14 days in police custody was “more that enough time” for the officers to “find whomever they are searching for”. He added that his client was a father of a three-year-old and self-employed.

Dave Cumberbatch who is Boyce’s legal counsel submitted that all men are innocent until proven guilty and to deny his client’s his liberty at this time will impact negatively on his family and self-employment status.

“If he is further held my fear is that when he returns his customers will be gone. This is a real fear especially in this economic climate. It’s a dog eat dog world,” Cumberbatch said.

After listening to the submissions Chief Magistrate Birch remanded the accused to HMP Dodds.

Those who are charged in the District ‘C’ jurisdiction will appear in that magistrates’ court on July 1; the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court matters will be called on Wednesday June 5 and those for the District ‘E’ jurisdiction will be heard in the Holetown Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, June 6.

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