Recalling the fateful fall


The 34-year-old mother of two who had a brush with death last Friday when she fell into a 32-foot deep limestone well at Inch Marlow, Christ Church, is thanking all those who played a role in saving her life.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, Tynicya Rollins told Barbados TODAY that though her body was aching from cuts, bruises and a broken leg, she was nothing but grateful that her life was spared for her beautiful daughters, ages 13 and 10.

Thirty-four-year-old Tynicya Rollins is unable to walk after falling into a well at Inch Marlow, Christ Church.
Thirty-four-year-old Tynicya Rollins is unable to walk after falling into a well at Inch Marlow, Christ Church.

“When I was falling I thought I was going to die. I really thought this was it,” she recalled.

The National Conservation Commission (NCC) worker fell into the well around 10:30 a.m. while on the job. She was rescued by a team from the Barbados Fire Service (BFS), and transported to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) by ambulance.

During the interview at her Sayes Court, Christ Church home, Rollins said she was happy to be alive to tell the tale.

“I can’t walk. Even sitting up takes a toll on me. I can’t put no weight on my broken leg. I was treated the Friday and sent home but I had to go back on Sunday because of how I was feeling I knew that something was wrong.”

The young woman said she vaguely remembers the moments leading to the fall.

She said she was in the process of raking clippings that her colleague Adrian Williams had cut from a hedge. The next thing was the feeling that the fall would never end.

“I thought I would have never stop falling. I can’t remember tripping. All I could remember is picking up clippings and then I was going down. All I knew I was going down the hole. Adrian tell me I wasn’t hollering but I swear I holler for Adrian. That is the truth.

“Going down, all I was telling myself is that I hope down in there ain’t got no water because I can’t swim. I could remember seeing my children flashed before my eyes. I was studying my children and just grabbing to grasp anything.”

Though she was in the well for just about an hour, Rollins said she felt as though the time was much longer. She prayed and asked God to keep her body intact and for her to get out alive.

“I also told him that if I am going to die He knows best. I asked Him to make sure that He protects my children. And after a while I felt calm and I felt at peace,” she recalled as the tears continued to fall.

Rollins’ fellow workers, who were at the scene, were shaken up by the ordeal, which they described as a scary experience.

They said they admired how the injured woman kept her composure though they knew the fall had taken a toll on her emotionally and physically.

The workers did their best to keep Rollins alert until emergency officials arrived. They also sent down beverages to keep her hydrated.

She heard their voices and saw the light, but she said she knew that they could not see her because the hole was complete darkness.

“Adrian asked me if I want water, if I want mauby. I had to keep telling him ‘Adrian move from by the well, the rocks dropping in’ and was hitting hard. But I know he didn’t mean no harm he was just there to try to keep me awake and aware.

“They were good to me and that is the truth. Every day they message and ask me if I am okay. They kept talking to me, telling me not to fall asleep.

Now hoping for a full recovery, Rollins also has much praise for the officer from the BFS who ventured into the dark hole to take her to safety.

Rollins said she would forever remember the empathetic look on the face of the officer as he introduced himself and walked her through the steps that they would be taking to get her out.

“He was more frightened when he see me than anything else. But he was so gentle he actually didn’t want to touch me because he looked and he saw the cuts on my body.

“He told me he putting this harness on me and it’s going to hurt me because I have cuts all on my bottom, all on my back. I told him it is okay and I started helping him to put it on because he didn’t even want to touch me. So he told me I putting it on wrong and eventually he started putting it on,” Rollins said.

Rollins said she believes that every experience should teach a lesson.

She noted that the lesson she learnt from her near-death experience was that she must continue to encourage her children to pray for guidance, protection, knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and to always be spiritually and mentally prepared for the unexpected.

“I was telling my friend “Birdie” we going partying the Saturday night, and then look what happen. Actually just before I fell, that same morning, I was telling my supervisor that God don’t give a man more than he can bare.

“I was telling her whatever problems you have you just have to throw it behind your back and try to be happy,” she added.

Rollins also thanks her relatives and friends who have been at her side since last Friday’s tragedy.

“I thank everyone. I thank all of your readers who sent their prayers and their blessings. I thank all of them and ask them to keep praying for me.

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