Fire victims make materials appeal


A member of the family of 12, whose St Philip wood and wall house was destroyed by fire on Monday, is asking for donations of building materials.

Thirty-year-old Andre Howard, told Barbados TODAY that his family was struggling to come to grips with the massive loss, but noted that members of their Lucas Street, St Philip community were offering to lend a hand in the rebuilding process.

He said the family would gladly accept building material to assist with rebuilding the house where he, his parents, siblings and their children, lived.

“We are trying to rebuild at some point. But right now friends and other family members are trying to do some fundraising events to try to raise a bit of funds so we could get some material to rebuild.

“Hopefully that goes well and hopefully before the end of the year we would start rebuilding. Everyone saying they would pitch in to see what they could do.

“Truthfully, if we could get some assistance with building materials that would be grately appreciated. I am now working closely with some contractors who are willing to provide labour and some material. So getting building material is a major concern for us at this point,” Howard said.

The young man explained that the house was uninsured because it was still under construction.

“We were expanding it from what it was and it wasn’t finished so we never got it insured,” he said.

Howard, who is staying with a family member, said though it was difficult not to look back at his beloved home where he lived most of his life before it was gutted by fire, he was trying to be positive and was looking forward to what it would be like when it is rebuilt.

He was asleep when the fire started and was awakened by his niece who informed him that the flames were taking over their home.

“When I do sit and think about it, it just gives me a headache. So I just try to look forward to getting back on my feet at some point. We lost pretty much everything. Yes I know that the clothes and those things are material things that can be replaced, but you know, I was pretty much born and raised in that house.

“Usually when I leave home I have that feeling I am going to return to that home, but knowing now there is no home to go back to is a hard one.” 

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