DLP on a path to recovery: Durant

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP), which was defeated in last year’s general election, is on a path to recovery.
This declaration came from Pastor of Restoration Ministries, Dr David Durant, who said the party was focused on rebuilding organizational strength at the constituency level which was important for the political, social and economic wheels to succeed.
As he delivered the sermon at the DLP’s 64th anniversary thanksgiving service, which was held at the party’s George Street, Belville, St Michael, auditorium, this morning, Durant told those in attendance that along with organizational strength at the constituency level, the party was also rebuilding political strength in every arm of its structure, to chart a revolutionary path to the 2023 general elections.
He noted that the party has recognized the need for relevant, sound policy ideas that can be communicated in clear, coherent and consistent messages.
“After 64 years, the DLP is rebuilding her reputation of being vibrant, friendly, energetic, caring for the poor and purpose-driven; she must be quite aware that this cannot be achieved without having a more sophisticated communications strategy, that is very necessary, in this advanced technological 21st century world,” he said.
“This party going forward will adopt a new approach to politics and embrace a face-to-face year-round level of communicating with the electorate of Barbados. People on the ground networking and engaging the public in respectful, relevant, needs-based two-way conversations will create wonders in broadening the base of your support, especially when some of those conversations can produce positive results.”
Durant also professed that the DLP will need to continue embracing the politically intelligent and skillful leaders who understand the vision of the organization and who embody what the party stands for. He said such a move would make a crucial difference in its success.
Durant advised: “Nobody, no situation or anything can keep you down unless you choose not to rise again. In life there are defining moments that we dare not miss, making the choice between giving up and going on can be one of them for you. Certainly you cannot turn back the clock, but what you can patiently do, is to rewind it once again and keep on going.”
Delivering remarks, President of the DLP Verla DePeiza said she was heartened by how much closer the DLP family has become in the past year. She reminded those present that members are free to speak up within the Party, and urged them to encourage others to attend party events, to share their experiences, knowledge, and vision, as the party nurtures its roots to ensure that the tree that grows was much stronger than the last.
“I inspire you to speak up and speak out. There may very well be repercussions, but I have urged you privately, and now I urge you publicly, to have the courage of your convictions,” she said.
During the service which was organized by Restoration Ministries, there was singing and dance presentations from the audience, and selected groups and individuals. (AH)

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