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The Ministry of Creative Economy, Culture and Sports mixed and mingled with the public this afternoon at Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall for its inaugural Open Day.

The pilot project which seeks to bring awareness to the departments and activities under the ministry featured performances from secondary schools and appearances from the 2019 Parish Ambassadors. Some of the booths included the Barbados Film Censorship Association, the Archives Department, the National Library and the National Sports Council.

During an interview with the media, Minister of Creative Economy, Culture and Sports, John King said that sports, culture and the creative economy were tied to the disciplines of dance, drama, and music. He stated this his ministry sought to change the perceptions of the public towards these disciplines.

The Minister further emphasized that it was important to engage the public, especially the youth. He noted that the Open Day gave talented youth an opportunity to showcase their skills.

“It is important to engage civil society and it also important that young artistes… get a chance to interface with shoppers to expose the talents that they have. For me this is a [way] to connect with your society,” he said.

King revealed that the ministry sought to engage more youth in cultural heritage. Whilst referring to traditional folk music, he indicated that the music can be updated to suit the musical taste of today’s society.

“This country needs now, more than ever, to really identify with who it is that we say that we are and it means going back and bringing forward those good things that we developed in the past. It also means adding to it,” said the Minister.

“We are going back to make sure that we get the folk groups back up again. That was a staple in Barbados but we are also asking the composers and musicians to create new music and create a different flair so that we begin to tell our stories,” he added.

Also broaching on the topic of the Crop Over Festival and the changes that will be rolled out in the upcoming weeks, King said the venue changes for Soca Royale were necessary to revitalize the Crop Over product.

“What are the things that you can bring to it that are going to be fresh, that are going to pique someone’s interest? Something that is completely different, and that is a change of venue,” King declared.

“Some people get it and understand what we are trying to do but the good thing about change is that it is constant. I have said to everybody that we have to be bold in 2019 [and] seek to do things differently. We can’t look to do things the same way as in 1627,” he further added. (KK)

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