Unable to afford car insurance, plates, fines


A 46-year-old St Joseph man who appeared in the District ‘A’ Traffic Court today was unable to pay fines after pleading guilty to a number of offences – including not having motor insurance he claims he could not afford.

Derek Delisle Bullen, of Blackmans Development, St Joseph, admitted to Magistrate Graveney Bannister to driving without due care and attention, without reasonable consideration for other road users, fraudulent use of number plate and registration card, no insurance and failing to register the vehicle.

PC Kevin Forde told the court that Bullen was driving along Canewood Road, St Michael, going to Lears junction when he veered into the path of traffic and collided with another vehicle. Police responded to the accident and a check revealed that the registration disc and licence plates did not match that of Bullen’s car.

Bullen explained that he had bought the car and had possession of it for the last six months but “did not have the money for the insurance”.

Describing the situation as bizarre, the magistrate imposed fines totaling $2,250.

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