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A St Lawrence Primary School student is now one of the most popular nine-year-olds in Barbados, after his original song encouraging children to go to school and learn has gone viral on social media.

Sephon Sealy’s fame started after his father Steven Stathis Sealy, a local soca artiste, posted a brief video of the child singing his hit Go School and Learn.

The father recorded the video as he walked his son whose stage name is Lil Stathis, to school on Wednesday morning.

He had no clue the video would have received the tremendous response that it did from local, regional and even international viewers.

In just a matter of days, the video already has over 30,000 views, hundreds of shares, and scores have commented on the post.

“This for school children like me. This one for school children like me. Go school, learn, don’t be dumpsy. Go school, learn, don’t be dumpsy. This for school children like me. This one for school children like me. Go school, learn, don’t be dumpsy,” an energetic Sephon sang lustily.

“Pun a morning, wake up with a plan. Get a toothbrush, toothpaste in yuh hand. Find a bathroom, and brush yuh teeth. Bath so nice this boy nah dirty. My daddy able, mummy able, to put breakfast on the table. My belly long, long like a cable. Daddy teach me all of my tables,” the young man continued as he skipped and hopped along his way.

“So you going to learn at school?” Sealy asked his eldest of two sons at the end of the video.

“Yes please,” the boy replied.

Barbados TODAY caught up with the two this morning at the Christ Church school to see just how the young artiste was handling all the attention he had been receiving over the past few days.

“I like music a lot because it makes me feel good. And I want to sing to people to just make them get in the habit to just go to school, to just don’t be dumpsy. Just do the work and listen to the teacher, and just make them learn good.

“I like to say to people, go school, because if they don’t get education, they would be like a parro out there; I want money, I want money. So that is why I want to tell people go to school,” Sephon declared.

Sealy who openly expressed his love and admiration for his son who he said was determined to be the best he could be in life, said he was the proudest father a child could ask her.

In fact, from the excitement shown throughout the interview, which was observed, by a group of impressed parents who sat under a tree in the school yard, it appeared as though Sealy was more excited than a humbled and well-mannered Sephon.

“So Wednesday morning, I was taking him to school. He had the song memorized and was singing it. He was enthusiastic about going to school. I took out my phone and I started to walk with him and taping him and watching him enjoying himself.

“He singing and he telling the school children don’t be dumpsy.

“It was interesting for me. I thought it was so cool, that I just put it on Facebook. That was it for him from there. Everybody just started sharing it, commenting on it. Everybody just loved it. It made me proud. I am probably the happiest father in the whole of Barbados. I real proud of Sephon,” Sealy said.

Sealy said while he was aware that people enjoyed the beat and lyrics to the unfinished song which he penned, he hoped they also paid attention to the message it was seeking to share.

He said he believed that some people’s refusal to access education was playing a role in the violence that was prevalent in today’s society.

“People ain’t really want education. We parents need to make sure that our children understand that education really is the key to success.

“Not saying you can’t make it without education, but I believe that when you go to school and you actually learn, and you are focusing on school work and bettering yourself, you would keep off the blocks. We wouldn’t have all of our young girls and boys getting involved in these illegal substances and consuming stuff that they shouldn’t be consuming.

“Go to school, and if you learn, you wouldn’t got to go and sell illegal stuff. You wouldn’t got to go and try to jump somebody paling or go in somebody house. I am so positive, and I teach him to be positive. He really loves that song,” Sealy said.

The staff and students at St Lawrence Primary are also proud of their star boy Sephon, whose nickname is Baby Pin.

Principal Andrea Cheltenham said she was pleasantly surprised, and happy, when she saw the video.

“Usually you would see videos of negative things. To see the positivity coming out of what he was doing was very heart-warming to me. I am looking forward to great things for him,” Cheltenham said.

The positive message being delivered in Sephon’s hit, has resulted in his father receiving invitations for him to perform at events. Sealy said while he was unable to go into details at this time, the Ministry of Education has also shown an interest in the child’s talent.

One of Sephon’s upcoming performances would be to perform for his schoolmates and teachers, at a date, which the principal said, was yet to be determined.

Sealy said he would also be entering the boy to participate in this year’s National Cultural Foundation’s Junior Monarch competition.

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Viral song  Barbados TodayA St Lawrence Primary School student is now one of the most popular nine-year-olds in Barbados, after his original song encouraging children to go to school ...