Christmas message: BWU says it will stand by retrenched workers


General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union Senator Toni Moore has assured that the union will continue to represent the country’s workers and lend all support to recently retrenched workers.

Below is the full text of the BWU’s Christmas message.


Christmas approaches: soon 2018 will be over.

This is the season of reflection; when we celebrate the greatest gift of all – the gift of peace, love, hope and goodwill. This is the season in which we are reminded that even though the world never allows us perfect circumstances, we can celebrate God’s perfect gift -Jesus.


For the Executive Council of The Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU), this Christmas Season is one where tensions are heightened and where circumstances have caused us all to take more seriously the Christmas message of care and concern.


This year has been one in which our mission of improving the “quality of life for all” has been put to a very rigourous test. I say this because the BWU is a family, it is a community which regards itself as being as strong as our weakest member; we all hurt when even one member hurts and we only do better when we all do better.


The recent period of austerity and particularly, public sector retrenchment under the Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation Programme has however raised suspicion in the minds of many regarding this Union’s capacity to:

  • Create better conditions for our members;
  • Make our communities stronger and;
  • Ensure that we all prosper together.


However, as we shared a meal with our retired members only last Sunday, we were suitably reminded by their presence, their testimonies and their experiences that the hallmark of this organisation, now in its 77th year, has been the fact that through all the difficulties and the challenges which we have encountered over the years, our solidarity and the support of each member has bolstered our capacity to come through victoriously, even in circumstances which may have seemed impossible.


Difficulties, just like the darkness, are sometimes necessary for us to appreciate the light even more when we see it. Barbados, we will see the light and The Barbados Workers’ Union will endure the course with you, taking each difficult step when it can’t be avoided and paving a smoother pathway, wherever it is possible for us to do so.

Like our forebears, we will not seek an escape from the challenges, nor will we cower from our responsibility to serve you.

Our warmest thoughts are with each member who continues in the struggle at the shop floor level; special love goes out to our shop stewards who remain the lifeblood of our movement. We have been heartened that in spite of challenging circumstances, we have seen a number of members come forward for the first time to serve as shop stewards or bargaining committee members, putting themselves in the line of fire to protect a fellow member in a time of need. You are the reason we do the work we do and you, typically, make difficult times much easier for us to bear.


To all who would read this message, I take this opportunity on behalf of the Executive Council and Staff of The Barbados Workers’ Union to extend our warmest wishes for a peaceful season. May we make a special effort to reach out to others who, due to loss of one kind or another, are going through a difficult time. May we also be renewed by the Christmas message of love, peace, goodwill, but most of all by the message of hope.


May we allow Christmas to live on in our hearts, remembering always that it is when we give and when we give of ourselves that we truly give.


A Blessed Christmas to All.

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