Sweets thief lands more time in Dodds


It didn’t take Douglas Williams long to find himself back before the courts and back in prison.

Three months after being released from HMP Dodds, the known thief was today sentenced to three months at the St Philip penal institution by Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court after he admitted to stealing chocolates from Popular Discounts.

With his head heavily bandaged, the 58-year-old Williams of #128 Croton Road, Eden Lodge, St Michael, pleaded guilty to stealing the two chocolates valued $15.38 from BJ’s Value Market, which trades as Popular Discounts.

In the process he racked up his 21st conviction, eight of which were for theft.

Sergeant Edwin Pinder disclosed that Williams went into the supermarket and was seen by a security guard placing the chocolates in his pocket. He attempted to leave the supermarket but was stopped by security personnel.

A struggle ensued and Williams was thrown into a trolley and held until police arrived.

After being sentenced a relieved-looking Williams told the magistrate. “Thank you”, before exiting the dock.

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