Sewage solution


Energy and Water Resources Minister Wilfred Abrahams does not expect the construction of the emergency outfall at Graeme Hall to have much of an impact on the December 15 start of the tourist season.

While he did not commit to a date for completion of the project, he said the new outfall will be functional only weeks after the start of winter tourist arrivals.

The minister said contractors and Barbados Water Authority teams were all aware of the stakes. He said he was impressed with the speed of construction and told Barbados TODAY those on the project have committed to working around the clock to complete the temporary outfall.

“Our target is to get this finished in record time so as not a negatively impact our tourist season,” he said.

He also revealed Government had already received several loan offers for the construction of the tertiary sewage treatment plant which is to be built in the next 18 months.

Abrahams said the number of lending agencies willing to finance the tertiary plant is a good sign for the project.

He told Barbados TODAY the Government needed to weigh all options carefully as a rushed decision could have negative impacts.

“We started to engage in conversations with funders and external lenders but, because of the precarious position that we find ourselves in, we can’t just grab at the first offer. We have to get funding that makes sense. There’s a lot of interest in helping us past this point,” Abrahams said.

Late last month, Abrahams said the most recent efforts to fix the three-and-a-half year-long south coast sewage crisis received a major blow forcing Government to decide to build a new waste plant.

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