Over 1,000 volunteers participate in annual clean up campaign


There has been a noticeable increase in the number of people participating in the annual Clean Up Barbados campaign, project manager of the Future Centre Trust Ann Harding has said. Over 1,000 volunteers gathered early this morning to clean up refuse as Barbados joined the rest of world in observing International Coastal Clean-up Day.

“There are a lot more people getting active to get up and pick up now,” said Harding who described the littering habits of locals as “insane”.“We want people to realise that if they love Barbados they will not let that litter get out . . . they will stick it in their pockets, their backpacks . . . instead of just throwing it out the window,” Harding said.

The team which included persons from churches, charities, schools and Corporate Barbados, collected over 4,000 kilogrammes of waste.Harding acknowledged that the sensitivity and awareness towards waste disposal was changing however, she maintained that is was still not enough as persons continued to litter along the island’s beaches and illegally dump garbage in gullies. “Barbados is the last island of gullies and if we don’t protect them and keep them clean then we end up with flooding and disease and [an] ugly, smelly Barbados. So we have to stop that and people have to be called out [on] this unacceptable behavior. “Nobody that loves Barbados would throw down litter and nobody that loves this country would dump illegally in the gullies. It needs everybody to get behind it. The police can’t be everywhere and do everything some people have to say this is wrong stop it,” she added. (KK)

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