BARJAM backs boycott


The Barbados Association of Journalists and Media Workers (BARJAM) has strongly backed sports reporters for walking out of a press conference on Wednesday that was hosted by the Barbados Tennis Association.

The association has condemned strongly condemned the actions of an official of Davis Cup international males tournament.  

A statement issued today by BARJAM said that the reporters from all the media houses present walked out in solidarity with their colleagues from the state-run Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) after the official interfered with the audio equipment – without permission – by “disconnecting portions of the CBC intellectual property which was in the charge of cameraman Harrington Layne and then proceeded to disrespect him during a verbal exchange that followed”.

In commending its colleagues for the united stand they took, BARJAM urged the lawn tennis association to avoid a recurrence of such conduct by its officials or agents, and hoped that in the future any issues they may have with a media worker would be amicably resolved through professional dialogue.

“As media professionals, an essential part of our role is to be the voice, eyes and ears of the masses, whether we are telling them what happened at a tennis tournament or how a government is spending their taxes. But when we try to do our job on behalf of the public, it becomes a challenge to properly fulfill that sacred mandate, when some put stumbling blocks in our way,” president of BARJAM Emmanuel Joseph said, adding that “this behaviour is unacceptable and must stop”.


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